MFM: Breasts

Thanks to Ang, our Sweltering Celt, for our MicroFantasy Monday assignment this week to commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness month.

HNTWK1One fingertip traces a curved path from the nape of the neck down to the hollow between the collar bones. This fingertip is followed by soft lips and playful tongue, raising goosebumps and eliciting a delicious shiver of anticipation.

The first button slips through its tight hole. Deft fingers move painfully slowly to the second button and the third and fourth. Deep cleavage appears as silky fabric is laid aside with each release. Satin and lace covers the firm, rounded flesh within.

One hand slides down the spine, pausing to unhook the clasps that bind. Two hands now push both sleeves and straps down impatient arms exposing bare skin that disappears into a pair of low-slung jeans.

Greedy eyes flash as hands now grasp the breasts unleashed and the back arches as fingers pinch.

I throw my head back involuntarily and a groan of pure pleasure rises from my throat as her teeth close down upon my nipple.