TMI Tuesday: Vanilla Shake

1a. You just gave yourself a body-shaking orgasm. How long do you have to wait before you can give yourself another body-shaking orgasm?

First off, ALL of my orgasms are body-shaking. Secondly, I am multiorgasmic which means I don’t have to wait at all unless I’m completely strung out and I only get that way when I squirt. Sadly, I have yet to master the art of doing that myself. Not that I haven’t tried! I am still in search of the perfect g-spot vibrator.

1b. You just gave yourself a body-shaking orgasm. What is the longest you can wait until you absolutely have to do it again?

Normally one is enough when I’m alone. So usually a couple of hours. Heh. Seriously, I’m a big fan of afternoon power naps since I wake up at the butt-crack of dawn to work (I’m a morning person) and I usually rub out a really good one just before I fall asleep.

2a. If you are good in this life, what will you come back as in your next life … if you come back as an animate being?

This question implies that I believe in reincarnation, which I don’t. Here’s TMI for a sex blog: I’m Christian and I do believe in eternal life. But, seeing as I am playing along, I’m going for a bit of a repeat from last week. A housecat. Because really? I would lick myself all day long.

2b. ….. if you come back as an inanimate being?

A lamp.

Brick Tamland: I love lamp.
Ron Burgundy: Do you really love the lamp, or are you just saying it because you saw it?




  1. I didn’t realize we had the Christian sex-blogger thing in common! That’s awesome! 😀

    • Isn’t it funny how we’ll open up about sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll but we have a really tough time talking about religion. I’m obviously not some right-wing, moral majority extremist, but I feel out of place when I admit I’m Christian rather than Wiccan or Pagan! (Not that there’s anything wrong with that!)

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