Wicked Wednesday: Blu for You

The tension in the car is thick as we drive to the club on Saturday night. We know what we want to do but still aren’t sure we can pull it off. I’m wearing a denim mini skirt without panties, at your request. At mine you are packing and ready for anything. I rub my hand against the hard bulge in your jeans and feel the seat beneath me get sticky and wet. Your breathing is hard and you moan a bit but I pull back and look out the window not wanting to sidetrack our plans for later.

We play some pool and I try hard not to flash everyone in the lounge every time I bend over the felt for a long shot. When I have a shot near the wall you come around and run your hand up my skirt and drag two fingers through my glistening cunt. You walk away with them in your mouth, in search of a drink while I try to regain my composure and end up scratching, giving up the game.

You lean against the bar and watch me dance with your friends. Our eyes lock across the room and everyone else just disappears for me. There is me. On stage. You. At the bar. Everyone else has evaporated into a whirling fog of luminescent bracelets, tight jeans, and the occasional bad wig. It’s time. I can’t wait. Come join me.

I watch you set your drink down. I watch you walk across the dance floor. Climb onto the stage with me and my breath quickens with every step you take towards me. I want you so badly but my nerve is flagging. The place is so crowded and no one seems to take notice and when I grind against your leg I know I have to follow through. I need you and I want you and I can’t wait. I can’t wait. I am facing the wall and you are dancing behind me your hips mimicking my hips until I thrust back against you feeling your cock hard against my ass. Your friends are on stage. Everyone is caught up in their own world. Their own dance. Their own partner. I am caught up in you.

I reach around and unzip your fly. You surreptitiously slide your cock out and raise the back of my skirt ever so slightly at the same time. It takes nothing to slip inside me and I steady my hands against you – one holding your hand, one playing in your hair. You keep one hand on my hip and guide us through the dance. The speaker is so close and the bass drums away as we push against each other. Grind into one another’s bodies. I feel as though I’m on some kind of drug. I’ve lost all care as to whether anyone can tell or whether anyone has noticed. It’s just you the lights the music your cock my cunt and oh my god I’m coming and you are right behind me breathing your orgasm into my ear as I lean back and say NOW NOW NOW.

I’m sweating and you’re sweating and I can feel my own juices trickling down my leg and the emptiness as you ease out of me and pull my skirt down around my ass. I turn around and kiss you long and hard as you put yourself back together. It is then, and only then, that I hear the sound of dozens of people clapping. All around us. I cover my utter embarrassment with small curtsy, grab your hand, and make a quick exit to the car, followed by hoots and howls of appreciation for our seemingly private performance.




  1. Um … wow. Girl. I remember that stage at Blu – fuck. I need a date next time we go there because I am *so* gonna do this! 🙂

  2. OMG what a morning so far. First I’m over at Fucks Like a Girl and now here…I’m hurting so good right now.

  3. All I know is that I need a cold shower now!

  4. I gotta get out more.

  5. Mowwwrrrrr! HOT! And I had a good laugh at the end. 😀

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