HNT: Pin-up Redux

My apologies again, folks. A sick kid at home means I can’t get half-nekkid and take pics of myself today. So here we are with another oldie. My homage to 50’s pin-up girls. Check out other (newer!) HNTs at Osbasso’s Views From the Back Row. Happy Half-Nekkid Thursday!





  1. Ahhhh yes.. this is fun actually, getting to revisit favorites and many of your HNT shots are my favorites, including this one.

    Happy HNT, sexy woman 🙂

  2. HOT! You pull off the high rise briefs SO well. And my lord, those SHOES. Excuse me… I’m in the throes of a femme crush. 😉

  3. you’d fit right in with those ’50s pin-up girls


  4. Wow, yeah I’d hang that image up on my wall! What a turn on!

    Sexy HNT!

  5. Beautiful 50’s pinup picture! You captured it perfectly!
    Who knew those panties could be sexy! 🙂
    Happy HNT!

  6. Betty Page!!!!
    I was wondering where you went.

    Very sexy.

  7. I like. 🙂 Very pin up like.


  8. This is simply stunning.

  9. so cute!

  10. Is every Thursday Thursday this much fun? I’ve marked my calendar.

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