MFM: Frustration

Thanks to Ang, our Sweltering Celt, for another fabulous MicroFantasy Monday assignment: Frustration

Mid-afternoon and my cunt is throbbing from lack of attention. It is wanting. Needing. Release. I drop my work and then my jeans and wander off to my bedroom, stopping only to grab my favorite vibrator out of the basket under my night table. I settle into my usual position on my back, legs spread wide, vibrator on low at first but quickly turned to high as I realize the batteries are running out of juice. Irksome. I shake off my irritation and the brief thought that I ought to replace them. I start to hone in on a tried-and-true fantasy or image that will get me there.

Sitting behind him, having asked him to jack off for me for the very first time. Watching his hand tentatively stroke the long black silicone shaft, gliding up and…did I pay the electric bill? When is that due anyway? Am I on a payment plan with them? I should do that, I should

Argh. Okay…um…I’m lying on my stomach, half asleep. I feel the weight of someone kneeling between my legs. Taking their thumbs (faster now, firmer now, I reach down and feel how wet I have become) and spreading my labia, examining me and…damn it! I forgot to go to the grocery store. Now what the hell are we going to have for dinner?

Shit!!! Alright, alright. Something else. Anything else. Tits. Nipples. Hands there. Mouth there. Cunt. Closeup. Fingers. Tongue. Yeah, but what is the tongue doing? Who does it belong to? Did I take the clothes out of the dryer?

Oh, for fuck’s sake. I give up. Turn off the vibrator. Yank my panties back up, roll over, and take a nap.



  1. You are now not the only one frustrated…

  2. See? I read one! Even if you did start out with your cunt. πŸ™‚ Didnt scare me off! πŸ˜‰ Your semi-prude-ish BFF. Wow. Gotta step up your game, girl! πŸ™‚ Just kidding, of course. It’s a great story and I’ve had this happen more than once since my hysterectomy. I’m wondering if they didn’t tear something important when they ripped my labia. It’s maddening.

  3. I feel a bit like sending you a condolences fruit-basket after reading that!! (maybe with some batteries tucked in alongside the bananas)
    Why is it that our minds sometimes won’t turn OFF, which leads to disruption in the turn ON?! So unfair. There should be a switch that flips once the throb starts that keeps the daily-bullshit from interfering until release has been achieved. (barring emergencies, like a fire alarm or broken child, for instance…there’d have to be a trip-wire for that contingency)
    Oh to have that “all the blood rushed to my crotch so my brain turned off” instinct that a lot of bio-guys seem to have ingrained in their wiring!!

    • No kidding! My ex is FTM but even before starting testosterone, he had this inate ability to solely concentrate on sex with the Cartoon Network on. There is no greater buzzkill than cracking the fuck up while you are being eaten out because Spongebob just made a joke about ripping his pants. And you are more than welcome to send batteries AND bananas! πŸ˜‰

      • Oh no no no… In fact Hell Fucking No! No tv

        • A couple of weeks ago I was giving him a blowjob while the radio was on. I swear my head started keeping time with the music. I honestly couldn’t keep from laughing. He was NOT amused. After that? No more radio!

          • LOL @ the head-bobbing BJ to the radio. classic funny! (or, as my students might say, “epic”!) Perhaps you are a little *too* distract-able? Even moreso than the average femme I’m thinking, after that story!
            thanks for the late-eve amusement!

          • You know I’m not sure whether or laugh or just rub one out to that thought… really? I wouldn’t have been amused either… just sayin

  4. Delightfully funny – having been on the receiving end of “Oh shit did I forget to pay the …” more than once.

    Did I forget to take the clothes out of the dryer.

    Very good.

  5. It’s such a curse to have an over-active brain! I have that problem, too, not only when trying to think sexy thoughts but also when trying to sleep! Great take on the theme! πŸ˜€

  6. This is just awesome… and sadly what I experience too often in non-fantasy myself. Really great work. My first time seeing your blog, and it won’t be the last.

  7. Now that is a very exasperating kind of frustration indeed. And yeah, been there too.. sometimes it’s better to give up before rubbing yourself raw. And sometimes, if you give up and roll over for some sleep… the right mood has a chance to ambush you.

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  14. […] MFM: Frustration β€œI feel the weight of someone kneeling between my legs.” […]

  15. […] MFM: Frustration β€œI feel the weight of someone kneeling between my legs.” […]

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