Bottom’s Up!

Just wanted to send a great big shout-out to Adam & Eve’s site Broken Headboard for including my Tutu Redux in their Friday HNT Roundup this week! I don’t know how they found me, but I’m flattered that they did! Thanks, Bree!

Another thank you to Southern Sage, for including me in his HNT Faves this week as well. My, I’m feeling quite flushed indeed!



  1. Hey Bree! We found it through your Twitter posting or maybe it was just in the Google search I did this week…but don’t worry, I have a bookmark on you now! Keep up the sexy HNTing!!!


    • Oops! I was saying Thank you TO Bree because I thought that’s who found the link to me on your site. Anyhoo…you can call me whatever you want because even though I have some IRL friends here, I am trying to keep my *true identity* hidden so that my mom won’t stumble upon my half-nekkid pics. 😉

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