HNT: Tutu Redux

Loyal readers of my old FemmeBLT blog will have to forgive me for recycling this HNT. I am simply swamped with work and have no time to get half-nekkid and take new photos. I do, however, have a fabulous idea for next week and will try my best to pull it off. Thus, I present to you (again) the tutu shots.



Be sure to check out more terrific HNTs at Osbasso’s Views From the Back Row!




  1. Dayummmm
    post it every week!, It is delightful!

  2. I would just like to announce this is my first tu-tu HNT and I LOVE IT! I wouldn’t mind seeing it again and will be back next week just in case.

    woo hoo for the tu tu!

  3. I remember that one! It was one of my favorites!!! So totally sexy on you!


  4. Now, as then, those two pictures cause an aching discomfort and tightness in my pants… yer dead sexy

  5. Oh my….

  6. […] to send a great big shout-out to Adam & Eve’s site Broken Headboard for including my Tutu Redux in their Friday HNT Roundup this week! I don’t know how they found me, but I’m […]

  7. I actually do remember this one, but only because I loved it so much the first time! Still as good the second

  8. oh i love. love love LOVE

  9. It’s my first time seeing it and it’s fabulous! I LOVE IT!

  10. Sorry for being late but just have to say … YUM! 🙂

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