MFM: Seasons

One of the wonderful weekly challenges I missed is Microfantasy Monday. A moment in time—an erotically charged snapshot—assigned by our dear Ang, the Sweltering Celt. This week’s theme…Seasons.

I have barely walked into his apartment. Mere seconds have passed. I enter the living room and have no more than set my bag down when I feel his lips caress the back of my neck. His fingertips playing lightly upon my shoulders. He runs his strong hands down my bare arms and I lift them up, high, high over my head, entwining my fingers together as his own slip back down to my elbows, my shoulders.

He works his way down my body. Kissing my back he kneels and I involuntarily spread my legs slightly. One of my hands drops languidly to my shoulder, the other to my lips where I have a habit of unconsciously hooking my finger in my mouth, tucking it between my teeth, my eyes closed awaiting his next move.

His hands now grace the length of my smooth, bare legs. Sunkissed in this late summer morning. I am not used to this gentleness, this time of luxuriating in his touch, this softness, this sweetness. He is at my side now and works his way back up my body. I feel too clothed…too much fabric between his hands and my skin. I reach down and pull my tank top over my head and his hands and lips play at my right side. Kisses tender upon my ribcage. My arms are in the way. I reach around and rest a hand on his lean, muscled shoulder. Reflecting upon how much I have missed this hard, taut body.

So much time has passed between us. An entire summer gone by. I can hear the leaves rustling outside his window. A light September breeze. When last we were together, the skies were dark with April’s showers. He moves my body again so that I am facing him. His expert hands unbind my breasts from their strapless prison. His fingers work the button on my shorts and they drop to the floor.

Where once he was in back, now he works his way from my neck to my shoulders, my breasts to my belly…leading me forward. We have come full circle, he and I. To everything, turn. turn. turn.



  1. Very nice, so glad you are back ! yay ! I DM’d you mine. In case we are not linking it anywhere I will link here instead of twitter … real life ya know..

  2. I have never heard of Microfantasy Monday until now and I want to get in on it. I loved your story and will be coming back regularly to read your writings. However, the link you had for the Sweltering Celt goes to nothing. Can you please contact me via the email address I used on my comment and let me know where/how I can get in on this?

    BTW, I found you via Vixen’s site. I go to her site every Friday to look at her HNT picks. Her tastes are just like mine and I really enjoy her.

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