Fabulous as Ever!

Ahhh…those of you that were loyal followers, welcome back! I missed my erotic writing…but then again…how many times can you write about masturbation? Seriously, I was in danger of becoming chaste (gasp! I know!). I am a writer of many things, and erotica has always been at the top of the list. I recently tried a very public and excruciatingly dull diary of self-discovery (yawn) that lasted less than a week. While I AM on that journey, I’m doing it in private now. However, I have realized that part of the essence of me, is this…self-expression.

I am a passionate, vibrant, sexy, and sex-loving woman. There is no reason to deny that part of me and no reason not to share it with all of the amazing writers and readers that I made connections with back in the not-so-long days ago as FemmeBLT. While D. (formerly known as HTB) intimated (okay, insisted) that I was maintaining a sex blog simply to make him jealous or draw attention to myself, I defend my work and my dedication to writing—in all it’s forms. As a very private person, he does not wish to have his personal business put out into the ether for everyone to see. I will respect that by making sure his identity is protected and not revealing my own (guilt by association, dont’cha know?).

So here I am. Technically single. Back on the dating scene. Having amazing sex with no strings attached and here to tell about it. A tale of lesbian identity, love and lust with a transgendered man, a high femme top turned somewhat submissive, exploration and discovery and a continuing journey with D., my lover, as he moves swiftly along the path to his own true self.

Home. It’s nice to be back.



  1. SHUT UP ! I never knew that femmeblt was you… love it !

    • Okay, so I meant the next comment to be a reply to this one, but I’m completely lame and it’s admittedly very early in the morning. I will blame my utter ineptitude (and the fact that I had to struggle to spell that word) on the latter.

  2. I know!!! Totally gnarly, right? I just knew how much you all missed seeing my ass in a tutu and thought it was time to come around again and find yet another project that keeps me from making money to pay the bills.

  3. welcome back!

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